What’s Faster Than a Speeding Skier? A Skier on a Snowmobile.

With the popularity of Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding in Durango, it’s only natural that residents and guests would be excited about snowmobiling. Every year more and more people try the sport.  The climate is perfect for Durango snowmobiling with lots of snow, lots of sunshine and daytime temperatures in the low 40s.  Snowmobiling is the perfect alternative to skiing and it still allows you to be among fresh air and the beautiful mountain vistas. A great break from a day of skiing.

For a restful and relaxing trek through the outdoors, you can’t beat snowmobiling.  You’ve come to the right place. There are many snowmobile operators nearby and Durango to Silverton ha many trails and lots of wide-open spaces for you to try this sport or to enjoy it whether you are a novice or already an avid snowmobiler.



Try Snowmobiling for a Mid-Week Break from Skiing

If you’ve been skiing all week, you probably need a break. Let your body recover; go snowmobiling in Colorado. There are several guided tour operators in the Durango and Silverton areas. They have private tours where several of your friends or family members would go together. They also have group tours where they might put several interested parties together.  Each person on the tour would have his own snowmobile. The tour operator provides guides that know the area and know the machine that you would be driving. The tour might head out towards a meadow at first taking it slow and easy until you got comfortable driving the sled.

Later, the guide will head towards the mountains and find a suitable mountain trail to traverse once he knows the capabilities of his group. With a larger group, there might be two guides; one would be the leader, and the other be the last sled in the group. If problems occurred, the last guide would be aware of it immediately and stop to help the sled with the problem. The tours last two to three hours. It is always smart to enjoy Durango snowmobiling with a guide. They know the countryside and terrain. They learn your skill level and will make your snowmobiling more enjoyable matching your skills with the right trails. You can cover a lot of territory with a snowmobile and explore beautiful parts of the mountains that you wouldn’t otherwise see.  Snowmobiling in the mountains of Durango is a marvelous adventure.


Choose Cascade Village as Your Base of Exploration

At the end of the tour grab a bite of lunch and return to Cascade Village. It might be good to get to the spa to loosen your muscles after wrestling with a 600-pound snowmobile all morning. And then maybe a nap or just relaxing out on your condo’s deck with a glass of wine? There will surely be activities this evening, and you will want to be well rested.

Cascade Village is in the middle of all the activity. It is next door to Purgatory and being midway between the towns of Durango and Silverton, it is just a short but spectacular drive to either town.