7 Reasons to Tour Colorado on Horseback

You must experience horseback riding in Durango CO on a tour of our beautiful mountains and meadows because:

  1. Horses are nature’s original all-terrain vehicle.
  2. Settlers of Southwestern Colorado came by horseback.
  3. The view is better, and you can see farther from the back of a horse.
  4. Unlike snowmobiles, they never get stuck and are much quieter.
  5. Alpine skiers and snowboarders only go downhill: on horseback, you can go uphill and downhill.
  6. They help keep you warm.
  7. The horses do the walking.

Cascade Village can recommend the best horseback riding tours in Durango among the many tour operators nearby.  All are within an easy drive of the resort.

Take a Tour by Horseback to Gain a New Perspective on Our History

Your wrangler will tell you about our area from a horse handler’s perspective as well as answer all your questions about horseback riding near Durango Colorado.  There is a perfect tour and a perfect horse to add a unique experience to your vacation.  Enjoy the beautiful views that the people who first visited this area saw when they arrived on horseback.

Expert Wranglers lead all the tours which range from 1 hour to an all-day trip.  The wranglers start by asking about your experience and then find the ideal mount for you.  The 1-hour and 2-hour rides will be close to the tour operators stables but will still give you an opportunity to see unique views of our corner of the world.  You may cross small streams and enjoy wildflowers in a meadow.  You may explore forests  and will certainly take moderate trails up into the mountains.

Our sure-footed horses are experienced in climbing rocky trails and guiding you around trees.  They can ford streams with ease.  They are chosen for their gentleness and good disposition.  You will find you’ve made a new, good friend by the end of your tour and won’t want to say goodbye.  And like our wilderness, the horses are beautiful and well cared for.

The Tours are as Varied as the Horses

One of the horseback tour operators combines a train ride with a trail ride.  You leave Durango on the narrow-gauge railway headed for Silverton.  After a couple of hours viewing the majestic mountains and beautiful scenery on the train, it stops at Elk Park.  Here the owner of the tour company meets you with horses particularly chosen for your experience level.  Your ride takes you deep into the Weminuche Wilderness Area along the Colorado Trail.  On a clear day, 20 different mountain peaks are visible on your ride to the top of the pass.

Once you reach the top of the pass the tour takes a break.  A gourmet lunch is served while you enjoy the breathtaking views.  After lunch, you continue the amazing ride until you reach Molas lake.  Here you meet a shuttle bus that takes you into Silverton.  After a quick look around town, you return on the train to Durango.

Another tour is located near Purgatory where you can enjoy horseback riding at Durango Mountain Resort.  They have a unique “Will You Marry Me” ride.   This ride includes 2 hours of horseback riding near Durango CO to one of our many scenic overlooks.  The wrangler suggests that you dismount and enjoy the view.  He will ask if you would like some pictures and takes several.  When he is nearly finished the gentleman drops to one knee and asks the big question.  The wrangler will catch this photo with mountains in the background.  The wrangler has spread a blanket in a nearby secluded place and offers a bottle of sparkling cider and chocolates.  After spending some quiet time together, the group mounts up and rides back towards Durango.

Make Cascade Village Your Bunk House After Horseback Riding in Durango

We think you will agree that horseback riding in the Durango area will add a unique experience to your vacation.  Something to tell your friends about here at Cascade Village over a beverage.  And when you return home,  you will have all your stories to tell and retell friends and family about your Durango adventure.