Durango Mountain Biking on Gutsy, Heart-Stopping Trails

If for no other reason, come to Cascade Village for Durango mountain biking. Some of the trails are heart-stopping, but there are trails for all skill levels with all levels of required exertion. There are hundreds of miles of off-road biking trails over all types of terrains.  And all the trails come with magnificent scenery and fresh mountain air.

There are many other reasons to come to Cascade Village resort of course, but if you enjoy off-road biking, this is your place. Bike rental stores are plentiful, and you will be able to find the perfect bike whether an off-road, a racer or a cruiser.

Purgatory Mountain Bike Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort turns into a Mountain Bike resort when spring arrives. The bike season starts in late May and runs through mid-October. Durango Colorado mountain biking has deep roots, going back to the 1980’s; and later in 1990, it held the first World Championships in mountain biking. The Union Cycliste Internationale organized the event. And for road bicycling, Durango is home to the famous Iron Horse Bicycle Classic every Memorial Day weekend.

The Purgatory Ski Resort has been developing lift-access biking for recreational riders and in 2015 broke ground on its 1.5-mile Divinity Flow Trail featuring table tops, berms, boardwalks and more. Purgatory has twelve distinct single-track rides. Each trail is just wide enough for a bike and not available to four-wheeled vehicles. Some of the bike trails are accessible from the base area, others by chairlift.

Numerous other trails are available for Durango biking. The longest is the Colorado Trail, a grueling 500 plus mile ride from Durango over the mountains to Denver. It takes bikers ten to fourteen days to cover the trail although racers in 2011 completed the 500 miles in just four days of racing. Total elevation gain counting all the climbs over the 500 miles is 89,354 feet from beginning to end. Most travelers start in Denver and head west because the snowpack melts on the eastern segment before the western.


Durango Biking for the Rest of Us

If ten to fourteen days of biking is more than you would enjoy, there’s good news. Most of the trails average about twenty miles and have a lot less elevation gain. You can explore the City of Durango’s paved streets on a bike or take the trail along the river. The Animas River Trail was just a dirt path until 1976 when the city paved the first section. Over the years the trail has increased until now it is seven miles long and used for recreation and commuting.

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument offers an entirely different type of biking. The Canyons of the Ancients boasts the largest concentration of Pueblo (Anasazi) Indian ruins. It is about 30 miles west of Durango located in the deserts of Southwestern Colorado and boasts some 6,000 archaeological sites. Bikers will find the trails easy to moderate and made of hard pack. In a part of the monument, there is a Pueblo ruin that has about 420 rooms, 14 towers and over 90 kivas (a religious chamber used by male Pueblo Indians that is partly or wholly underground). It makes a fascinating day trip.

Your biking can range from the mountains to the deserts all within a short drive of Durango. Take your bike on your car carrier for longer trips and make Cascade Village your headquarters while you explore our area by bike. Come back to enjoy our heated pool and whirlpool for your tired body. And you can make reservations to stay in one of more than 90 privately owned condominiums. See “Accommodations” on this website.